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Communication Keys to Success
Get the Communication Advantage

Gaining knowledge about personality styles, along with application information, enable individuals to attain a higher level of success and satisfaction in life.

Our Program – The Communication Advantage Series (view courses now)
The Communication Advantage Series is designed to help people understand themselves and others in order to improve productivity, profits, teamwork, morale and daily satisfaction in the work environment.

Our Approach:
· Provides easy to understand information
· Focuses on positive interaction with others
· Highlights the strengths of others to increase morale and teamwork
· Allows for immediate application

This Series gives valuable insights into:
· Self - Awareness
· Interpersonal Skills
· Reducing Stress
· Raising Productivity
· Enhancing Leadership Skills
· Improving Teamwork
· Increasing Employee Retention

Life Coaching

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Session 1: Introduction - Solving the People Puzzle Session 2: Leadership @ Work
Session 3: Selling Success Session 4: Advanced Selling Success
Session 5: Team @ Work Session 6: Case Studies
Session 7: Reducing Conflict Session 8: Coaching
Writing for Success (Advanced) Business Blends (Advanced)

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Session 1: Introduction - Solving the People Puzzle
2 hours

This introduction to DISC personality styles will guide your business into a new arena of understanding, which will lead to greater business success.

Listen, laugh and learn about the characteristics of each of the four personality styles. Gain awareness as Beth entertains and explains insights that enhance business relationships and personal relationships.

Note: This session is a prerequisite to all other sessions.

Session 2: Leadership @ Work
1 hour

Leadership is more than just being in charge of people. True leadership is accomplishing goals by influencing people to do their best. Effective leaders know the strengths and weaknesses of their staff, AND they know how to provide an environment that allows each person to thrive.

This module is not just for leaders but it also helps those who work under leaders to learn to appreciate and cooperate with the strengths of those who lead them. Plan to walk away from this seminar better equipped to increase teamwork and productivity.

Session 3: Selling Success
1 hour

Learn new concepts that will keep your sales climbing! Find out about the four perspectives that affect thoughts and actions. Be one BIG step ahead of the competition!

Session 4: Advanced Selling Success
Prerequisite: Selling Success
2 hours

Gain advanced selling tips and information! Each person will receive greater understanding about the words, speaking tone, phrases and concepts that attract each style and repel each style!

Your company sells to a wide range of personality styles. This presentation will equip your salespeople to sell to all the people all the time. They will learn to think like each of the personality styles. Think like your customer and you will make the sale!

Session 5: Team @ Work
2 hours

A business needs effective teams. When teams work together smoothly, everyone accomplishes more. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your teams, and learn how to take your teams from average to awesome.

Session 6: Case Studies
1 hour

This workshop increases a person’s understanding of normal behavior patterns, and it enables participants to learn to easily identify predictable behavior. Participating in this workshop is one of the best ways to quickly learn how to adapt to people. Adapting is vital to healthy teams, spectacular sales and effective leadership.
This is a required seminar for every full-day workshop.

Session 7: Reducing Conflict
1 1/2 hours

Productivity and morale go down as conflict increases. This seminar gives detailed instructions on how to reduce conflict and increase cooperation with each of the four styles. Participants learn the root of conflicts and how to avoid falling into conflict traps. Learn conflict deflectors and how to smooth out tensions in the workplace. Conflict awareness insights bring understanding, greater work satisfaction and harmony.

Session 8: Coaching
2 hours

Personal and team coaching can help take problem situations and turn them into solved situations.

Businesses can choose to substitute a teaching module for personal or group coaching.

Note: Personality Styles Coaching is available to individuals or businesses without purchasing teaching modules.

Advanced Teaching Modules

Advanced modules are available after completing one full day of training at your company. These modules build on basic information.

Writing for Success
2 hours

This module focuses on written and verbal communication techniques to help offices run smoothly. In addition, there is ample time given to teach written and verbal sales techniques. Sales and marketing departments will add dynamic tools to attract and draw the attention of each of the four styles.

Business Blends
1 ½ hours

This seminar helps businesses to understand how the two highest styles in a person blend and work together to influence thoughts, decisions and actions.