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Communication Keys to Student Success

Welcome to the Discovery Report School Program. This exciting educational training brings practical, innovative information to teachers, school staff and parents. This program enables each student to achieve his or her highest academic potential.

Helping children and teens be the best they can be!
Helping everyone to WORK SMARTER!

Beth McLendon has been personally trained by Dr. Robert A. Rohm of Personality Insights, Inc. to present powerful training sessions that create new avenues to higher performance. This training will provide students and educational professionals with the tools needed to help students increase their academic performance, their self-concept and their relationship skills.

Governor Sonny Perdue recommends this training!

Recently, Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia became aware of the powerful training and the unique materials that Personality Insights has available. The governor, his staff and the heads of the government offices of the state of Georgia attended a day of training led by Dr. Robert Rohm, president of Personality Insights. Beth McLendon and several other Personality Insights staff members joined Dr. Rohm as he presented the material.

After the governor completed the day of training, he was motivated to issue a commendation praising this training. Governor Perdue expressed interest in seeing our educational training make its way into Georgia schools.

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