What are people saying about Beth?

"I would strongly recommend the LEADERSHIP @ WORK WORKSHOP taught by Beth
McLendon at the Cobb Association of Realtors 2005 Leadership Development
Program. It was an outstanding workshop on understanding the 4 different
leadership styles, and how to best use each one's talents with the others.
She gave insight with "Case Studies" and getting to know yourself and others
for better communication keys."
"As a DIRECTOR on the Board of the Cobb Association of Realtors, I
appreciated learning from the best and Beth is one of the top instructors in
this field. If you are working with Sales people, this course is a must!"

Dick Warren, PHD, ABR, BCS, QSC, CEO, CPHB - Recipient of the "2004 Cobb Association of Realtors, REALTOR® OF THE YEAR, Sales" Award

"It was always a pleasure to have Ms. McLendon present in my classroom. She
did her best each day to reach out to each individual child. She took time
to work with them on their weak areas, and she always recognized their
talents. My students enjoyed learning about personalities. Ms. McLendon
gets an A+ in my book!"

Angela Kovachi - Career Tech Dept. Chair and high school marketing instructor, Marietta, Georgia

"Beth’s DISC presentation was enthusiastic and our class buzzed with questions and answers. This information is very important for everyone, especially those that work with people on a daily basis."
Linda Hlozansky - high school teacher Smyrna, Georgia

"Beth’s presentations are both clear and enlightening."
Pat Layton - Wife, mother, grandmother and tennis instructor, Mountain Park, Georgia

"Beth's knowledge and experience with the DISC model of human behavior is extensive. She really knows how to make the information practical and useful."
Patrick Pettibon - Director of Technical Marketing, Personality Insights, Inc.

“Beth McLendon is a great teacher, encourager and motivator to help you succeed in the area of communications. Beth’s expertise has helped me tremendously not only in business but in my personal life as well.”
Sharman Lawson – Freedom Concepts, Atlanta, Georgia

Training with Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

Beth was pleased to participate with the Personality Insights staff in training with Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and over 90 people in his executive staff. Dr. Robert Rohm presented and the staff helped to facilitate during case study exercises. Everyone had a great time laughing and learning together!

A group picture with Governor Perdue appears below as well as a certificate presented to Personality Insights. See what he says about the training below ...

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