MONEYStyles is the key to get you financially free!

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MONEYStyles - the key to get financially freeMONEYStyles resources include a book, personalized assessment, speakers for your organization, and personal coaching! MONEYStyles provides:

  • Time-saving money management tips
  • Fun and new ideas
  • Ways to increase financial peace of mind
  • Understanding of your financial style

Every personality style has a different perspective on life and finances. This perspective includes patterns of behavior that, if left unexamined, will lead people toward debt. When you understand your perspective, you can more easily make better decisions for your finances. MONEYStyles provides techniques that build on your natural strengths and minimize your weaknesses!

Have you listened to other financial advisors or read their books and thought, “Yeah, that sounds good, but how does it apply to me?” These books and videos may contain good information, yet they are limited in their ability to help you because they fail to consider how your personality style impacts your financial decisions.

MONEYStylesis a unique system that will propel you toward healthy finances. It does not replace other financial guides but is complementary to all other resources on the market today. It does not delve into investing, retirement plans or budgeting but concentrates on how you can spend and save money more effectively by understanding your personality style.

MONEYStyles increases your success. It is the link between what you know and how to make it work for you.

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