About Beth

Professional Background

For the past three years, Beth McLendon has joined with Personality Insights in a mission to train businesses, governmental agencies, organizations, schools and families to enhance their success and their enjoyment in life through gaining communication skills.

Beth was the Senior Editor and Head of Communications at Personality Insights. Beth’s duties included developing new products, creating marketing ads, creating marketing materials, writing books, editing books and editing Personality Insights materials.

While at Personality Insights, Beth became involved in the Discovery Report School Program. She has served as the Director of Education for the Discovery Report School Program for Personality Insights.

As a Human Behavior Specialist certified by Personality Insights, Beth has presented personality seminars to teens and to adults in a variety of settings.

Educational Background

Beth has an Associate degree in Sociology, a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in counseling. She has started her Ph.D. in counseling. She has been a classroom teacher and later taught early childhood education classes at the college level. She has teaching experience with people ages preschool through adult.

Life Coaching